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Remote Access for Electronic Resources: Main

Many of the Ingalls Library's electronic resources require special permissions when researching while away from the museum. This guide will explain how to tell if you are eligible for offsite access.


All visitors to the museum can access the Ingalls Library’s entire collection of electronic resources when using one of the stationary computers in the library or when connecting to the museum’s wifi network on a personal device. For patrons working away from the museum, however, some of our electronic resources can only be accessed with special permissions. We’ve added icons next to these resources to indicate which level of permission is required.

Many of the resources on the electronic resources list are considered open access and can therefore still be accessed by anyone with an internet connection working offsite. These resources won’t have an icon next to them at all. 

When you see an icon next to a resource, here’s what it means:

EZproxy Access


Patrons accessing these resources offsite are prompted to login through a system called EZproxy.

Only CMA staff along with faculty and graduate students associated with Case Western Reserve University’s Joint Program in Art History and Museum Studies may access resources with this icon when working offsite.

VPN Access


Some resources will also display this additional VPN icon.

These resources may only be accessed offsite by CMA staff using a museum-issued device configured to connect to the museum’s network via our VPN client.

Case Western Reserve University Databases

For students and faculty of the joint program in Art History and Museum Studies at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), we provide a direct link to the Kelvin Smith Library's database page in the second tab of this guide.